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An African islands with a strong Asian influence, Mauritius represents one of the best beach destination in the Indian Ocean. The island’s nature, luxurious resorts and multicultural tradition represents enough incentives to determine travelers to book a Mauritius vacation, but if these sound insufficient to you, then you should know that Mauritius is also a brilliant destination in terms of wellness and spa.  Mauritius’ spa tradition is just as multicultural as the island itself: here, Chinese wellness principles and Thai massage technique make the perfect blend. The best spas in Mauritius promise you not only a great diversity of treatments and techniques, but also the rejuvenating forces of elemental powers: fire (volcanoes), water (ocean) and air (salty breeze):

Nira Spa, Shanti Maurice

This awarded spa in Mauritius is where the ancient Oriental wellness tradition meets Western luxury. The Nira Spa addresses not only your body and senses, but your mind too. None of the aspects of well-being is neglected, from healthy eating, to daily yoga and relaxation exercises. The spa’s treatments were developed according to the Ayurvedic principles, but if you want to enjoy the best of this spa, then you must definitely try their signature treatment – the Saga ritual. The Performed on the beach in the fading light of the sunset and bonfires, this full-body massage and scrub is meant to unleash your vital forces and restore your senses.

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House of Traditional Balinese Massage, Arsenal

This spa in Arsenal is exactly what the names tell you: and oasis of Balinese tradition in the heart of Arsenal. Various types of massages are the house’s specialty, but you can also request a body scrub, body wrap or steam bath. All treatments use natural ingredients, imported straight from Bali.


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Kairali Ayurvedic Spa, Phoenix

Ayurveda is very popular in Mauritius, judging by the number of spas that follow its principles. Imported directed from Kerala (India) these massages and treatments work well against stress and anxiety, but are also meant to improve the general health of your body and mind. Each treatment session is thus followed by yoga and meditation.

spa treatment

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Givenchy Spa, Le Touessrok Hotel

A truly luxurious spa, the Givenchy at Le Touessrok Hotel is known for its beauty treatments, which where purposely designed for the famous French cosmetics producer Givenchy. Here you can benefit from a variety of facials and full-body treatments, enjoy and relaxing massage and finally let yourself advised and taken care of by a team of beauty professionals in the spa’s exclusive Beauty Salon.

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