Best Places to Volunteer and Travel in Africa

South Africa

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There are many people from around the world who choose to spend a few weeks and sometimes even years doing charity work in Africa nowadays, and their reasons are numerous: helping a good cause, experiencing a new culture, meeting new people, gaining some work experience abroad and so on. For many of them, volunteering in Africa can prove to be the experience of their life, and many will get to travel around, as well.

But taking this step is not always easy. Africa is full of mysteries, and, in some places, full of perils, so choosing a destination that will suit you will take time. For this reason, we though you might use a few tips and suggestions about some possible volunteering locations.


With a pleasant climate, a stable political environment and really amazing nature, Zambia is a popular travel and volunteering destination. Unfortunately, the country is also seriously affected by the HIV, so your skills as a doctor or child carer will be very appreciated. Nevertheless, you won’t need to do extensive research to find out that Zambia has numerous other volunteering opportunities. These include teaching English, promoting human rights, working with orphan children or helping with infrastructure projects. The possibility to explore Zambia’s incredible national parks and game reserves is a great advantage of volunteering in this South African country.

medical volunteers

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South Africa

South Africa is one of the wealthiest African countries, but this is not to say that the country could not use your help. There are still many poverty-stricken areas in South Africa that can use doctors, constructors or teachers. If you prefer something more ‘artistic’, you should know that there are numerous humanitarian projects and festivals that are looking for overseas volunteers. Also, the country runs numerous environmental programmed, so as a wildlife volunteer you can help preserve the country’s precious habitats while in the same time seeing its famous animals.

South Africa

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Cameroon is one of the best places to volunteer and travel in Africa. There are numerous organizations who run programs in Cameroon, so there is plenty of choice in terms of volunteering jobs: you can teach different subjects, offer counseling and relief for people affected by AIDS, or choose to work in an orphanage.  No matter what you decide to do, remember to keep your mind and heart open: Cameroon is a superb country, with an incredibly diverse geography and an even more diverse and rich culture.

resucued gorillas

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