Best Luxury Resorts in Tunisia

Tunisian hotel

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Tunisia seems just a tiny country compared to its much bigger neighbors Libya and Algeria, yet this North African country is among the top luxury holiday destinations in this part of the world. The Mediterranean beaches, the millennial history, vibrant cities and busy souks of Tunisia, together with its unique traditions and elaborate cuisine create the perfect ambiance for an unforgettable honeymoon or an adventurous escape. Indulgence is the keyword when talking about these best luxury resorts in Tunisia. Sumptuous decors, heavenly sweet desserts, lavish spa centers are all among the promises of these handpicked Tunisian resorts:

The Residence, Tunis

This five-star hotel and spa is set at the outskirts of Tunis, against the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean Sea. The elegant Moorish architecture, with its white marble columns and preference for neutral colors give this hotel a distinguished air. The well-lit rooms have king-size bed and a balcony with a view. Les Thermes Marins – the hotel’s huge spa center – consists of no less than 30 treatment rooms, as well as a seawater pool and traditional hammam. There is also a large outdoors pool and a golf course.

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The Russelior Hotel and Spa, Hammamet

This sea-front hotel in Hammamet is an example of Tunisian hospitality at its best. The Arabic-style architecture and decorations create a very comfy atmosphere, which is also present in its standard and deluxe rooms. Guests can also spoil themselves with a sun-bathing session around the huge outdoor pool, a visit to the spa, a walk through the private gardens, or a game of tennis in one of the hotel’s private tennis courts. The hotel’s restaurant offers a wide range of gourmet and international dishes, including vegetarian and organic food.

Tunisian hotel

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Villa Didon Hotel and Spa, Tunis

Tunis’ offer in terms of luxury accommodation is very diverse, and Villa Doidon Hotel and Spa is the best example in this sense. Here, everything was planned to the smallest detail, in order to provide the perfect boutique hotel experience. The hotel has only 10 suites, but they are arranged in such a way that each of them offers amazing views of the sea and surrounding city. The more geeky guests will certainly appreciate the state of the art technology present in every suit, while the party animals will enjoy the hotel’s weekend DJ sessions. And both categories will certainly enjoy a spa treatment or a relaxing massage at the end of the day.

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