Best Beaches in Seychelles

by rachet_thecat

The archipelago of Seychelles in the Indian Ocean might as well have the best beaches in the whole world. Perfect weather, luxurious resorts, isolation and the warm waters of the Indian Ocean are the ingredients in the ideal beach experience. The islands are also very appreciated for the special variety of sand that can be found here: a pinkish, fine sand which makes a wonderful contrats with the green of the tropical vegetation.
Before planning your vacation in the Seychelles you should know that the archipelago consists of no less than 115 islands, most of which are small coral islands. However, the main islands Mahe, Praslin, La Digue, are actually granite islands. As for the very best beaches in Seychelles, here are some revelatory examples:

Anse Lazio

by Olivier Cochard-Labbe

Although pink sands do represent the norm in the Seychelles, Anse Lazio is actually a white sand beach. This wonder of a beach is located on the island of Praslin, which is the second in size of the whole archipelago. As for what makes travel guide writers to advertise this island as the best in the whole world, you’ll have to see for yourself. The only hints I can give you are crystalline waters, tall coconut trees, perfect sky and infinite serenity.

Anse Source d’Argent

Indeed on of the much praised pink sand islands of Seychelles, Anse Source D’Argent is located on the other major island, La Digue. The dreamy combination of shallow, turquoise waters, pink sands and straight-cut granite boulders has resulted in the picture-perfect beach.

Grande Anse

by diaber

Of course, our guide of the best beaches in Seychelles couldn’t ignore the Grande Anse in North Island, a small island known to have hosted the most famous honeymooners of the year, Prince William and his beautiful wife Catherine. The news thet the tow of them have spend their honeymoon on Seychelels has spread around the world faster than light and so did the fame of the North Island private resort. We haven’t seen their honeymoon pics but the rest of us mortals can only imagine these beaches to be an earthly paradise.

Anse Victorin

This is another of the superb, hard to get islands in the Seychelles. Anse Victorin Beach is located on Fregate Island, a private island that seems reserved for the lucky few millionaire of Hollywood stars that can afford to hire one of the luxurious villas on the island and the helicopter to take them there. But the white soft sands and dense shade of the palm trees are worthy of any effort.

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