Best Beach Destinations in North Africa for 2013

beach in Morocco

Oualidia beach ©Siri B.L./Flickr

With Sahara Desert as its most outstanding geographical feature, North Africa does not lack sands. And where there is sand, and there is sea, there will also be beaches.

North Africa offers an incredible diversity in terms of beaches. In the west, you will find the Atlantic Ocean with its surf-perfect waves. The north shores are washed by the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean Sea and guarded by the ruins of ancient cities. And finally, in the east, you’ll get the luxurious resorts at the Red Sea. There is something for everyone here, it seems to me, but feel free and check out these fabulous destinations yourself:

Sousse, Tunisia

Kilometers of fine sand beaches, thousands of hotel rooms and an eventful cultural life await you in the Tunisian city of Sousse. With an international airport nearby and the capital Tunis within a short distance, Sousse is conveniently located and very tourist-friendly. When you are not getting tanned under the hot African sun you can visit the incredible surroundings: the beautiful medina, the Roman ruins and the picturesque olive groves.

Agadir, Morocco

Morocco’s major beach destination continues to attract tourists with its perfect weather (temperatures rarely go under 20 degrees Celsius or above 25) and comfortable hotels. Because Agadir also happens to be a major city in Morocco, you will never get bored: when you are not wandering around the old town or the port, you can go and explore the nearby beach towns.

beach resort Morocco

Agadir beach ©Joao-Maximo/Flickr

Sharm El Sheik, Egypt

The most famous resort at the Red Sea, Sharm El Sheik must definitely be included in your list of prospected beach destinations in North Africa for 2013. And this is not only because some of the most luxurious resorts and beautiful beaches in Africa can be found here. The greatest charm of Sharm El Sheik lies in its coral reefs and unique underwater fauna, which make it a first-class diving destination.

Oualidia, Morocco

This quaint Moroccan town offers some of the finest beaches and romantic atmosphere in North Africa. Situated along a natural lagoon, the beaches of Oualidia are sheltered from the big waves and never seem crammed. Nature lovers won’t regret coming here, either: Oualidia has one of the biggest water bird colony in this part of the world.

beach in Morocco

Oualidia beach ©Siri B.L./Flickr

Jerba, Tunisia

This island off the coast of Tunisia is a true jewel of the Mediterranean. Its large beaches are only overshadowed by its dramatic sunsets. All over Jerba you will find archeological evidence of the island’s long and intricate history. A less usual attraction is Ajim, which served as a filming location for the Star Wars sequel.

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Jerba Beach ©sky#walker/Flickr

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