Best bars and clubs in Seychelles

live music in Seychelles

Jam session ©Rodrigo Bertolino/Flickr

The exotic archipelago of Seychelles has little change to disappoint you when it comes to daytime activities. You can sail, snorkel, dive, run, swim, or just lie there under the tropical sun and admire the unbelievable landscape around you. But what about Seychelles nightlife? Well, you must know that in addition to its luxurious restaurants (most of which are part of big hotels/resorts), you can also find some really nice bars and clubs. Whether or not these are the best bars and clubs in Seychelles, it will be up to you to decide. 


Ask anyone in Seychelles to name you at least three nightclubs, and one of the clubs they mention will certainly be Katiolo. Located on the island of Mahe, this dance club has built a strong reputation about party-goers. There are parties here 3 nights a week, and the music is quite diverse, so it can be appreciated not only by the younger generation but by anyone in the mood for dance.

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Level 3 Bar

In case you are curious to meet people or you simply want to have a drink in other place but your hotel bar, try the Level 3 Bar in Mahe. The drinks offer is quite diverse, but even more so is the crowd. The best time to visit this bar is on a Friday night.


Those why stay in Praslin will have a chance to check out the nightlife in here, which is not very different from the one on Mahe. One of the most popular clubs in the area is Oxygen, a night club with good music and a glamorous atmosphere. Just make sure that you are dress accordingly, which means no flip-flops or other kind of clothes and accessories that you would only wear on the beach.

Lovenut Club and Bar

Another trendy club in Seychelles if Lovenut, most appreciated for its music selection. Like most clubs on the archipelago, Lovenut is only opened during the weekend + one weekday (Wednesday). However, the nights are long in Seychelles, and the clubs stay open till the break of dawn.

live music in Seychelles

Jam session ©Rodrigo Bertolino/Flickr


If you happen to go out in Mahe for more than one night, you can also give Ozone a try. This is another centrally located nightclubs, but unlike others this one is best known for its live music nights and jam sessions. Music lovers will certainly appreciate this club in Seychelles, not to mention that, despite its official status as a dance club, Ozone organizes lots of social events.




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