Attractions around Table Mountain

by koos v D

A dominant geographic feature of Cape Town, Table Mountain has long gained its status as an iconic attraction. In the forever warm and sunny climate of Cape Town, Table Mountain is a favourite destination among residents and visitors alike. This flattened rock overlooking the city is packed with attractions like restaurants and gardens, not to mention the amazing panoramas on top. Also, the trails around the mountain are a great way to keep fit while admiring the surroundings of South Africa’s most celebrated city. Check out these attractions around Table Mountain and plan your next visit  to the famous landmark:

Cable car

Riding the cable car up to Table Mountain is a must for anyone with a desire to snap some good panoramic pictures of Cape Town. The Table Mountain Cable Car, or Aerial cableway, how it is officially known, has been around since the 1930s, taking millions of visitors up on the flat summit of the mountain. However, the new and improved cars are rotating during the trip, thus allowing all passangers to get a full, 360-degree view of the area. Once you’re on the top on the mountain you can hang around the souvenir shop or take tons of fabulous snaps.

Restaurants and cafes

by crschmidt

There is a nice little café atop Table Mountain – you might as well call it a café with a view. The café has a food menu and is also referred to as a restaurant, however it is presently closer for renovations so you might want to consider bringing a lunch box if you decide to hike up the mountain.

Natural features

The whole area of Table Mountain is part of the superb Table Mountain National Park. The park has extremely rich flora – almost 1500 different species, but chances to see small animals like lizzards, Snakes, butterflies or mongooses are also high. Predator birds are also nestling in the area, so keep your eyes wide open and the camera ready.

Devil’s Peak

by sara&joachim


You don’t necessarily have to be an experienced hiker to climb all the way up to the table Mountain summit: even if the 1000 m elevation might sound a little discouraging, you have to remember that the view on top is worth double the effort. There are several paths going up to the summit – maps with the table mountain hiking trails are widely available – but Devil’s Peak is certainly the most imposing. This is the eastern peak and legend says that the mysterious mists surrounding the mountain have their origin somewhere in here.

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