Amazing attractions in Sahara Desert

desert town

Ghadames ©David Stanley/Flickr

The worlds biggest dessert, Sahara, covers an area of the African continent that is almost as big of China. And with every day and every night, this huge, hot land made of sand and dunes continues to grow.

Yet, despite the unwelcoming conditions, Sahara is place of legend. Tourists are fascinated by the desert, its legends and strange beauty, its people and its lost civilizations. And Sahara does not disappoint them – for those willing to know its true nature, Sahara offers incredible attractions:


Surface water is scarce in Sahara, and where it does exists it gives birth to exuberant oases. Some of these oases have become permanent settlements, where people grow fruits and vegetables – you should know that the best dates in the world grow in Sahara.

desert town

Ghadames ©David Stanley/Flickr

The town of Ghadames in Libya is one of the most famous in the world. With a unique architecture, the town was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site and an important sight for anyone visiting Sahara.

The Pyramids of Giza

The pyramids of Giza, Egypt are amongst the most popular and amazing attractions in Sahara Desert. The three pyramids are remarkable in their size and were considered to be some of the marvels on the Antiquity. Inside the pyramids there are funeral chambers belonging the different pharaohs that have ruled Egypt thousand of years ago.

great pyramid

Giza pyramid © maltman23/Flickr

The White Desert

Also in Egypt one can visit the White Desert, a interesting natural attraction. The attraction is located near Farafra, a desert town inhabited by Bedouins. As the name tells you, the White Desert  is a long stretch of white sand and rock formations, which were created when the striong Saharan winds carried fragmented chalk and deposited it in the Farafra Depression.

chalk desert

White Desert ©CairoCarol/Flickr

Camel Tours

One of the most interesting things you can do in Sahara is to take a camel tour. Camels have provided the main means of transportation in Sahara for thousands of years. Today, there are numerous travel agencies that offer camel tours in countries such as Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco or Egypt. These tours can last from several hours to up to several weeks – the famous cross-Saharan tour from Cairo to Casablanca is estimated to take about 40 days. In addition to experiencing the typical landscape of the desert, the greatest part of such tours is getting to meet the nomad tribes – the Berbers. Timbuku – another famous desert town, is a popular departure place for camel caravans.

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