Africa’s Top White-Water Rafting Destinations

by martjin munneke

With some of the largest, longest rivers in the world running through hundreds of miles of wilderness, Africa represents an unbeatable white water rafting destination. A rafting excursion along the Nile or Zambezi rivers in Africa announces to be not only adventurous and challenging, but also filled with all kinds of discoveries and revelations regarding the continent’s abundant wildlife and natural splendours. So whether you are in search for the ultimate challenge or you are just prospecting new vacation destinations and activities, here come Africa’s top white-water rafting destinations:

Zambezi River, Zambia

This is not the first time when I have expressed my admiration and excitement for this amazing river in the southern part of the continent. If you ever read the books describing the first European expeditions along the Zambezi, then you already to expect: breath-taking views and furious waters, often forming Grade 5 rapids (which, in white water rafting terms, represent the ultimate challenge). If you want to maximize the level of adrenalin in your experience, the best time to go rafting is summer through winter (dry season in Zambia). You can also try one of the less adventurous, nature observing rafts – however keep in mind that most of the rafting is done below the Victoria Falls.

Blue Nile, Ethiopia

by life's too short

The world’s allegedly longest river is actually the result of two bigger mountain rivers flowing into each other: the White Nile and the Blue Nile. As it flows through the mountains and plateaus of Ethiopia, the Blue Nile offers some magnificent panoramas, as well as prime rafting material. There will be some very impressive falls in your route, as well as lots of wildlife like water birds and rhinos.

Orange River, South Africa

by berniedup

Orange River is generally regarded as South Africa’s most popular destination for rafting. The river crosses a big deserty area as well as the volcanic mountain ranges of Drakensberg. What makes this type of experience a very special one is its length: thou not particularly difficult, Orange river is accessible to rafts for a long, long distance, allowing week long rafting adventures.

Ahansal River, Morocco

Morocco is famous for many things: its picturesque cities, its souks, its surf beaches. But the Atlas mountains are the greatest of them all. Their gorges and streams offer some nice opportunity for short distance rafting trips – the narrow Ourika Gorges are particularly spectacular, they are only a few meters low.

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