Africa’s Top 5 Summer Resorts

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Spain, France, Greece, Hawaii and the Caribbean are all well-known for their beaches and summer resorts and thus very popular choices when it comes to going on a holiday. But so is Africa. This huge continent has more kilometres of beaches then all the above mentioned places together and also the advantage of lower prices, several climate zones, amazing cultural diversity. Also, Africa neighbours two big seas and two of the world’s oceans. But for now, let’s stick to the very best and see which are Africa’s top 5 summer resorts:

Sun City, South Africa

Self-titled ‘Africa’s Kingdom of Heaven‘, this lavish resort near Johannesburg features several world-class hotels and well as a complex of pools, golf courses and casinos. Situated in the mountainous region near Johannesburg, Sun City offers superb nature views, as well as numerous possibilities for taking safari trips  – the resort neighbours two major national parks, so your chances to spot Africa’s Big 5 are quite high.

Hilton Seychelles Northolme Resort and Spa, Seychelles

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This might not be the first time we mention this hotel on our blog and it is certainly not the first time, nor the last, to mention the fabulous Seychelles. This particular resort combines luxury and exclusiveness that are usually associated with the name Hilton with the exotic nature and unrivalled silver sand beaches in Seychelles. The result would satisfy even the future king of Britain.

Manda Bay Resort, Kenya

If you are looking for a truly unique experience and maximum of privacy, you can try out booking sea-front cottages at Manda Bay. This coquette resort is situated on a remote area of Lamu Island, near the Kenyan coast. The island is known for its beaches but also for its history and architecture. Stroll through picturesque fishermen’s houses or just take a swim in the crystalline, warm waters of the Indian Ocean.

One&Only Le Saint Geran, Mauritius

Of course Mauritiuscouldn’t have been missing from this list of top African summer resorts. The

mauritius beach©gf_0815/Flickr

One&Only Le Saint Geran is one of the newer hotels, however it has already made a reputation as as provider of excellent services.  The hotel occupies a small peninsula and has amenities like pools, spa centre, restaurant, golf course, as well as some superb apartments with private terraces overlooking the sea. This is also a great opportunity to explore the culture of Mauritius, a diverse nation located at the crossroads of Africa and Asia, but also with a strong European heritage.

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