Africa’s Best Secret Beaches

by vincent maher

Africa’s beaches might be less famous than the beaches of Spain or the ones in California, but this also means they are less crowded. Plus, they offer an incredible diversity of landscapes, and often the feeling that you are stepping on unspoiled ground. It’s hard to imagine a greater variety of landscapes and beaches than in Africa, surrounded by two seas (Mediterranean and Red Sea) and tow oceans (Atlantic and Indian). Those fascinated with beaches or looking for a romantic honeymoon destination should definitely consider one of the following beaches, which, to my opinion, are all worth the Africa’s best secret beaches top:

Hluleka, South Africa

South Africa’s Wild Coast is probably among the beautiful stretches of coastline in the world. Waves are so strong in the area, that small water drops resulting from waves breaking against the shore form a permanent mist above the ocean. The area best known for its wildlife, as well as the lush forests covering the hills and tall promontories neighbouring the ocean. From place to place you’ll also find some almost deserted stretches of sand: not the best place to swim but certainly great places to admire the furious ocean.

Fregate Island, Seychelles


With over 100 islands and islets, the archipelago of Seychelles in the Indian Ocean has enough beaches in order to afford to ‘rent’ some of them to millionaires, royal honeymooners or other such wealthy and famous privacy seekers. Several of Seychelles’ luxury hotels offer guests their own portion of a superb tropical beach. With just a handful of coquette villas and a very strict policy regarding the access on the island, Fregate Island is one of them.

El Gemal Island, Egypt

Egypt was blessed with some of the finest beaches in Africa, not to mention all the underground beauties of the Red Sea. A vacation at the Red Sea can be relaxing, aesthetically pleasing and educative in the same time. With El Gemal Island, you’ll also get the exclusivity: this sandy island in the Red Sea is a limited-access nature reserve, with some of the most crystalline waters and amazing sea creatures in the whole region!

Mnemba Island, Tanzania

by koen muurling

The Tanzanian version of an all-inclusive luxury resort, Mnmeba Island is located in the immediate vicinity of the lively Zanzibar. The island offers maximum privacy and tranquillity, world-class services, as well as some of the whitest sands and clearest, deep azure waters the Indian Ocean can offer!

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