African Cruise Itineraries

by JorgeBRAZIL

With a great variety of landscapes and thousands of kilometres of scenic shoreline, Africa makes a brilliant cruise destination. Neighbouring both the warm Indian Ocean and the history-infused Mediterranean, Africa is even more fascinating and mysterious when seen from the sea. Maybe not as popular as the Caribbean Sea, Africa is considerably more diverse in terms of landscapes and attractions. The following African cruise itineraries will hopefully give you an idea of what I mean:

North African Coast

A classic with African cruisers, this itinerary explores the rich history of the North African coast. This includes the Maghreb (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia) and the eternally fascinating Egypt. Shore excursions will explore cosmopolitan cities like Cairo or Casablanca with their minarets, sky scrapers and bazaars, have you stunned in admiration when facing the ruins of the old Roman cities like El-Jem or Leptis Magna, and maybe even take you up on the Nile to for a glimpse of the Pyramids.

East African Coast

by Victor O

With popular stops like Mombasa in Kenya and Zanzibar in Tanzania and the perspective of a brief but highly rewarding safari trip in either Serengeti or Maasai Mara National Reserve, an East Africa Coast sounds like a very desirable destination. A longer trip will also include some island and beach hopping through the picturesque archipelago of Seychelles. Wildlife, beaches, relaxation and luxury – what more could one expect?

South Africa

With its fabulous coastline and access to two of the world’s oceans, South Africa alone is enough to make a favourite cruise destination. Like in the case of East African itineraries, safari excursions are popular when cruising along the South African Coast. Cape Town and Durban are great for souvenir shopping, attending an authentic African party, and join the crowd of football fans and colourful vuvuzelas at some soccer game. For a plus of sophistication, reserve some time to visit South Africa’s famous vineries and their luxurious lodges.

West Africa Cruises

by Jeff Attaway

West Africa consists of an array of small and very diverse countries like Mali, Benin, Togo, Cape Verde or Sierra Leone. The geography of the coast varies from sand dunes to lush rainforests and the traditions and cultures you will encounter are just as varied. One thing that West Africans are very appreciated for is their music – don’t miss a live drum session if you get the chance. Some of these cruises might end in the Canary Islands (part of Spain), but even if this is not the case, the west of Africa offers plenty of beautiful beaches, not to mention some of the coolest surf spots.



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