A Guide to Cape Town Nightlife

There are many things that Cape Town, the southern-most African city, is famous for: its unique geographical position; its amazing nature; its historic and multicultural heritage; and, last but not least, its vibrant nightlife. The going out routine in Cape Town is similar to that of the big European cities: early in the evening, people usually have a nice dinner or a couple of drinks in some noisy pub; socializing in a bar or pub continues till late at night, when people gradually migrate to some trendy night club. It is customary for Cape Town parties to go on till early in the morning, so this should cure the fear that you ever arrived too late to a party. There are few other nations that can party as hard and thoroughly as South-Africans, so keep this in mind while readying my short guide to Cape Town nightlife:

Dining out

by arclients

When it comes to a fancy dinner or a night out with some friends, the majority of Cape Town natives and/or tourists will usually gather around the three major entertainment areas: the Waterfront, Camps Bay and Clifton Bay. Cape Town offers a delightful variety of foods and drinks: most international cuisines are present here but so are the traditional grills. The numerous open air terraces overlooking the bay and the great variety of fresh sea food based dishes offer a unique dining experience, especially when they are complimented by some premiere South African wines. Let me just name a few popular Cape Town restaurants: Savoy Cabbage, On the Rocks, Roundhouse and Azure.

Bars and pubs

by thomas sly

The above mentioned keywords apply to Cape Town bars and pubs as well: waterfront, diversity, good wine. Cape Town has quite a number of sophisticated, contemporary lounges where fancy cocktails are accompanied by chill out music. Such lounges are Baraza, Asoka Son of Dharma or the Planet Bar (Mount Nelson Hotel). Less expensive but just as trendy are the Cubana Café, green Dolphin and Le Med. Budget travelers should head for the Observatory, the major hang-out location for Cape Town students.

Cape Town gambling and nightclubs

by warrenski

Cape Town also offers some good opportunities for gambling, with casinos such as Grand West or the Caledon. As for the clubs in Cape Town, expect more like a western feel than the classical African drum beat/ AfroPop madness. There are a few chic DJ clubs such as The Big Bang, Hemisphere or The Ivory Room. For a more diverse playlist you can try Buddha Bar, The Jam or Buena Vista Social Club.

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