A Guide for Traveling with Kids in Africa

by jivem

So you’ve decided to fulfill your lifetime dream and travel to Africa for a few weeks? And you have no idea whether you should take your kids or leave them in the loving arms of their grandparents? Well, the good news is that Africa can be a very-kids friendly continent if you are planning your trip with care. Just think about all the great wildlife and how much they would enjoy seeing hippos, lions or giraffes.  

There are, however, certain things to consider prior to your arrival, like vaccination against malaria or if the kind or tours you are planning to book are suitable for kids. The ideal itinerary pretty much depends on your kid’s age and interests, but there are some well-established activities that all kinds will enjoy. In my guide for traveling with kids in Africa I will try to present you some options:

Egypt and the Pyramids

by MEjones

What more mysterious and in the same time educative destination than the pyramids of Egypt? Your kids will enjoy riding a camel and visiting the tombs of the glorious pharaos. The Valley of the Kings offers plenty of attractions like the Karnak and Luxor temples, Nile boat rides, visit to the kings and queens tombs, as well as a Mummification Museum. Also, don’t miss the great pyramids of Giza, Dashur and Saqqara.

Wildlife Safaris

I bet you also dreamed of becoming an explorer when you were a kid and travel to jungles and savannas. Wildlife safaris can be extremely entertaining for kids and most of them don’t represent a real threat, either. For greater safety you can choose to visit one of the smaller parks in South Africa, Kenya or Botswana. Some of these can visited in a private/rented car like the Kruger National Park in South Africa.

Fantastic Cities

Cities can offer children a whole array of distractions, from museums to playgrounds and entertainment facilities. Cities like Cairo, Marrakech, Casablanca or Tunis in North Africa are rich in history and landmarks, and your kids will thrive on their exotic charm. On the other hand, the cities in South Africa are perfect for the outdoorsy natures, trying all sorts of water sports and observe marine animals like dolphins, whales or penguins.

Beach Vacations

by somadjinn

An African beach vacation is another way to enjoy the African sun and the natural beauties this continent has been blessed with. There are lots of all-inclusive resorts on the coasts of Africa (most of which can be found along the Mediterranean coast and the shores of Red Sea – Egypt, Algeria, Morocco). Other  great beach destinations are Zanzibar, Kenya, South Africa and the Seychelles and Mauritius islands.


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