5 Ideas for an Active 2012 African Vacation

by greenwhich photography

An African adventure is certainly something to consider for your 2012 New Year resolution list. The reasons why I’m saying this are quite obvious: amazing culture, unequaled landscapes, live altering experiences. For those who are not willing to go as far as the North Pole or don’t have the millions of dollars that would buy a flight in space, Africa remains the ultimate adventure holiday destination. So for all those of you who are willing to go past the fences of a Red Sea all-inclusive resort, here come 5 ideas for an active 2012 African vacation:

Mountain Biking in Morocco

At a first sight Morocco – buzzing souks an endless stretch of sand dunes – doesn’t seem like the typical biking destination. But don’t let yourself deceived by the sometimes stereotypical travel agency booklets: with its wonderful Atlas Mountains, Morocco has an enormous, and yet to be discovered, adventure potential. A biking tour in Atlas can provide both the scenery and the excitement, not to mention the warm and stable weather.

Kayaking in Botswana

The rich, enormous Okavango Delta is one of Africa’s natural wonders: a huge area of marshes, swamps and canals in the middle of the Kalahari dessert. A perfect climate for aquatic birds and an ideal ground for adventurous wildlife watching tours. A guided kayak trip is often the best way to explore this mysterious land and be able to make the best of it.

Climbing in Tanzania

by stig nygaard

Not particularly famous as a climbing destination, Tanzania remains the home of Africa’s highest mountain: Kilimanjaro. The impressive volcano situated close to the equator line rises almost 6000 m above the sea level, offering a unique display of plants and animals from different climate zones. Kilimanjaro has also got the advantage of an accessible climb – not a walk in the park yet manageable by any fit person with a little ambition.

Swimming with the sharks in South Africa

South Africa is acknowledged as one of the best shark spotting destinations in the world. There are numerous shark species populating the coasts of South Africa. Places like Gansabaai are famous for offering the unique opportunity to see a Great White Shark right in front of you – from the safety of an iron cage, of course.

Gorilla watching, Rwanda

by wichid

Rwanda is among the smallest African countries, but this doesn’t stop it from being one of the best chimpazee and gorilla safari destinations. Nevertheless, it would be improper to name this tours safaris: in the company of a tour guide, you’ll be cutting your way through the jungle and observe the fascinating lives of chimps and gorilla families.


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