5 Amazing African Itineraries

by keniromaniak

Vast and mysterious, Africa would take a lifetime to explore in all its richness and diversity. But unfortunately for today’s travellers, even a sabbatical year of travelling represents a luxury that not many can afford. There’s no reason to panic, however. With some smart and carefully planned itineraries, you’ll be able to have to best of Africa’s nature, landscapes and culture in just a few weeks’ time. So here come my suggestions for 5 amazing African itineraries:

The Nile and beyond

Cruises on the River Nile are a great way to explore Egypt’s thousands of years or history. You’ll travel to the buzzing Cairo, the mighty pyramids of Luxor and the Valley of the Kings. But you can take this one step further and follow the Nile to its origins. The Blue Nile represents one of the river’s two major contributories and apparently the source of its fertile muds: a rafting trip in the high plains and mountains of Ethiopia will reveal the secrets of the Nile and landscapes of incredible beauty.

Serengeti and Ngorongoro

Serengeti National Park in Tanzania represents, like you probably know already, the departure point for one of the world’s most fascinating phenomena: the wildebeest migration, an annual movement of thousands of hundreds of animals across the Great Rift Valley. Seen by many as the ultimate safari destination, Ngorongoro represents a large volcano crater at the limits of Serengeti. The walls of the crater create a natural shelter for an incredible number of species, including Africa’s Big Five.

Chobe and Okavango

by Tim Copeland - world

Botswana is a true marvel in terms of biodiversity, so no wonder that a considerable part of the country’s territory is represented by nature reserves.  Chobe National Park and Okavango Delta make a winning combination. These natural attractions  are right next to each other and represent precious samples of some of Africa’s most unique ecosystems: Okavango, a delta in the middle of the desert, with its swaps, canals and islets hosting incredible bird life and Chobe, a prime African safari destination.

Zambezi and Victoria Falls

Your mental map of Africa will never be complete without a visit to the Victoria Falls. The waters of the river Zambezi falling into a rupture in the rock plateau underneath create a spectacular drop of thundering streams. Once you got the falls out of your way you can travel downstream on a boat, raft or kayak and explore let Zambezi river guide to through the very heart of Africa.

South African Coast

by fabulousfabs

South Africa is itself a huge and extremely diverse country but few things can compete with its scenic coastline. Along the country’s hundreds of kilometres of coastline you’ll discover anything from isolated surfer’s beaches to vineries and stretches or tropical forests.


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